Forex and CFD bonus codes

We offer information about attractive bonus codes and referrer codes from leading online forex and CFD brokers. Forex and CFD bonus codes 2016.

Broker Code Bonus Claim
Plus500 FX200 £40 Sign up
etx capital Use link 100% Sign up
eToro start1000 1.000$ Sign up Use link 100% Sign up
AvaTrade Use Link £300 Sign up

Online forex and CFD Guide

Today, investing in CFDs, forex and stocks is easier and cheaper than ever before thanks to information technology. An ever-increasing number of online brokers offer their help to the growing retail market online. Many established players like Plus500, AvaTrade, eToro, Monocur (ETX Capital) and IG Index are already taking advantage of these advances in technology and the market. Convenience and low prices have introduced a whole new group of traders to the markets. Some people earn good money on trading, but as many others lose money. The main purpose of is to clarify the area of Internet CFD trading and forex trading, and inform about the available bonus codes and coupon codes from trusted brokers online; to contribute with advice; and through negotiation with the forex broker to secure better deals than the one you get when you sign up at the platform.

Compare spreads and trading expenses in general

When investing in forex- and CFD trading and choosing the right broker or brokers, it is important to look into spreads offered by the different brokers. It is important to remember how most forex and CFD brokers work in a larger system, where big wholesale currency-dealing banks such as HSBC Bank pump out the prices to the smaller retail brokers – which adds bigger spread – and push the prices out to their own client traders under their own name. This means that the retail forex brokers handle all the client interactions, and the big banks get extra business that would be a little too small for them to deal with as individual transactions. Most often the transactions are free, but the price you pay is paid through spreads; so it makes sense to compare spreads and other trading expenses before choosing the right broker or brokers for you.

Plus500 bonus

Plus500 is a leading CFD and Forex provider, which offers a special bonus code “FX200” that gives a 20% bonus when depositing £200 as a first deposit. Plus500 is increasing its market shares in the UK, and is the second-largest CFD broker on the UK market, with a market share of 13%. Today, Plus500 has more than one million clients worldwide, and conducts ten million transactions a year. Plus500 is registered on the London Stock Exchange. Your capital is at risk

When using the exclusive bonus code “FX200” you will get a £40 bonus on a £200 first deposit.

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ETX Capital bonus

ETX Capital is one of the most popular UK platforms due to the quality of the platform and the broker in general. Located in London and regulated by FCA. ETX Capital is actually a trading name of Monecor Limited and was founded in 2002. ETX Capital offers online trading within spread betting, CFD and Forex

Bonus code: No code needed – Use the link below

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eToro Bonus

eToro is one of the largest forex and CFD brokers out there. They are specially focused on the less experienced trader with their “Copy Trader” system, whereby the Cyprus-based social trading company allows its users to watch the financial trading activity of other users and copy them. The investors who get followed/copied by others earn money and credits off the people who copy them. eToro has about 250 employees worldwide.

Use this bonus code to claim a 1.000$ bonus: start1000

Sign up at eToro Bonus has existed since 2008 and is the official partner with the premier league soccer club Arsenal FC. The CFD broker is operated by Safecap Investments Limited and is regulated by CySEC and registered to offer a number of investment services with the FCA.

Bonus code: No code needed – Use the link below

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AvaTrade Bonus

AvaTrade (formerly known as Avafx) was founded by Emanuel Kronitz in Ireland in 2006. Within the last couple of years, AvaTrade has expanded from having just over twenty thousand registered customers globally to becoming an important player on the market, executing more than two million trades a month. The company has headquarters in Dublin and regional offices/sales offices in Paris, Dublin, Milan Tokyo, Sydney and New York. The company has between 201 and 500 employees.

Bonus code: No code needed – Use the link below
Negotiated unique 100% bonus on a £300 deposit. Normal Avatrade bonus is 50% on first-time deposits.

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The most popular trading objects

There can be little doubt that the forex market – the world’s largest financial market – is the most popular market for trading; but forex and CFD brokers offer other trading possibilities as well. Some of the most popular trading possibilities other than forex trading are:

  • Shares as Contracts For Difference (CFD)
  • Forex as Contracts For Difference (CFD) – EUR/ USD is the most popular
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Commodities (such as oil, gold and coffee)
  • Indices (such as the FTSE 100, DAX, SP500, Dow Jones and Italia 40)

How to choose a good retail broker

Not all brokers are ideal for you, and you need to find a good trading broker that suits your individual needs. In the old days of Internet trading, there used to be a lot of not-so-good and honest brokers on the Internet. Today, the brokers tend to be much better than some years back; but you still need to find the broker that is right for you. Finding the right forex broker or CFD broker involves different factors: the spread, how quickly payouts are made, and how friendly the broker’s customer support is.

In choosing a good broker you should also consider the following:

  • Does a proper authority regulate the broker?
  • Which, and how many, trading possibilities does the broker offer?
  • How large a trade will be accepted?
  • Is the broker one of the larger ones on the market, or one of the many small newcomers without a proper history and security?

The advantages of online trading

In the old days, trading was for the few with a lot of money and the right connections. Today the Internet has brought trading to regular people with an interest in making money. With online trading it is easy to place money on the objects of your desire. Online trading has brought trading to the masses, and is quick and user-friendly. It is possible for traders to trade from home and try out the life of a trader. Furthermore, the bonus structures used by online casinos are also used by many of the online brokers in order to attract new traders to their platform, which improves the traders’ odds of earning on forex trading and CFD trading, etc. For the more experienced traders, online trading offers the possibility of hedging other investments, and thereby spreading the risk.

Please bear in mind that the easy access to online trading also provides a risk. Some people make good money on trading, but others lose money. Invest no more than you can afford to lose, and take breaks from trading once in a while, since some people lose their sense of the value of money when trading. Trading is all about respecting your money.

How do forex bonus systems work?

Of course, different trading brokers may offer different types of specialised bonus systems. In general different trading brokers’ websites may offer different bonuses; but almost all of the brokers offer:

  • extra added cash of up to 100% on your first deposit. (This may depend on the amount of the first deposit made.)
  • an extra bonus on additional deposits.

Furthermore, some brokers such Plus500 offers a free first-time bet for new members.

How are my winnings paid out?

When you have closed your trading, and hopefully made money, your winnings will be paid out to you. Most online forex and CFD brokers pay you your winnings directly into an account of your preference.

Payment options

Different online trading brokers may offer different payment options, but the forex and CFD brokers offered on this website all accept direct credit-card payments via Visa and MasterCard. Other options offered include online account systems such as Paypal, Skrill, and Ukash.

Forex and CFD brokers with mobile apps

More and more trading is done on smartphones or tablets. Amongst others, the following brokers offer mobile applications:

  • Plus500
  • eToro
  • ETX Capital

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